Every facility is different, ensuring you get the proper program for your specific boiler WES monitors and analyses and hone in on what you need!

Offering a wide variety of chemical treatment products and feed equipment packages — all of our solutions are designed to make your water treatment program safe, easy, and effective. Every WES program includes operator training on safe handling of products, how to read an SDS, and testing of boiler water chemicals. Get started an initial evaluation and we’ll review chemistry, water usage, steam production, safety features, and chemical feed distribution.

STOP corrosion, pitting, carbonic acid, and deposits in their tracks. Protect your wallet and your boiler with a specially designed WES program.

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Boiler Cleanings

Avoid the dread of failing a boiler inspection and the expenses and hazards of cleaning with acid. WES has developed a safe and reliable method for 1⁄4 of the traditional boiler cleaning cost.

Over time, a boiler can become scaled with calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphate, and other materials that cause poor heat transfer and increased fuel consumption. This scaling can lead to dangerous elevated flue gas temperatures and boiler failures resulting in costly down time.

WES has designed an offline cleaning method that is entirely safe and non-disruptive to the base metal of your equipment – so you never have to worry about fines and extensive failure. As a superior alternative, our product is completely safe and flushable: directly into the sewer system — no risky disposal required.

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