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Pipe Cleanings

From new pipes to old, when you choose to clean your system with WES you’re choosing expert care and a job well-done.

As local leaders in chemical pipe cleaning, we’re serious about the work we do and the products we use. When tackling a pipe system, we ONLY use Cleanout, known as one of the world’s best neutral pH cleaners. Cleanout effectively removes rust deposits, oil-based coatings, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and organic debris from systems without harming the base metal. And when used to clean new systems, it establishes system cleanliness and protection, furthering the life of your pipes and preserving your equipment.

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Boiler Cleanings

Boilers can become scaled with calcium, magnesium, iron, silica, phosphate, and other minerals. These deposit cause poor heat transfer and lower the efficiency of the boiler increasing fuel consumption. The poor heat transfer also leads to elevated flue gas temperatures.

A boiler inspector can fail a boiler due to the amount of scale present. Historically, acid cleanings were the only way to clean the tubes. A risky and very expensive proposition including the handling of hazardous waste.

WES has designed an offline cleaning that is safe to the boiler base metal and can be discharged to the sewer system. The cost is ¼ that of the traditional acid cleanings. A safer, more effective, lower cost alternative. Below are some before and after photos of a recent firetube boiler cleaned with the WES offline cleaning product.

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