The success of the Legionella Risk Minimization Program is dependent upon the attention to the details of the chemical results and compliance documentation requirements. New York State and New York City have the highest amount of regulation regarding Legionella Compliance at a facility with cooling towers and for the domestic water systems at healthcare facilities.

Service Programs

Water Engineering Services offers a variety of service packages. We can assist you in maintaining your Legionella Compliance Program or we can manage the entire program for you.

legionella compliance

Weekly Monitoring

  • Cooling tower observation checklist
  • MB dipslide test – date, time, results
  • Chemical inventory and usage

Quarterly Verification

  • Cooling tower inspection with report
  • Legionella sampling

Semi Annual Verification

  • Tower disinfection
  • Tower mechanical cleaning

Monthly Testing

  • Chemistry testing of cooling tower
  • Chemistry testing of city water
  • Cooling tower manufacturers checklist

Annual Verification

  • Tower certification
  • Pesticide usage reporting
  • Operator training program
  • Business review (work plan)

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